SMBA Website Project


What is the SMBA?

South Manchester Business Association began 20 years ago when a significant number of local business owners were fed up with the restrictions and politics of belonging to their local BNI group. South Manchester Business Association was formed, using the best concepts from other networking organisations and then improving them!

What was the Project?

The SMBA required a new website to replace their previous site. As the association was looking to bring new members they felt that a fresh look was needed.

At this time the SMBA was also looking to add video to their website and to start running podcasts to ensure they had high quality content being delivered that would attract visitors.

It was important that the website was responsive so it could be easily viewed on mobile devices, SEO friendly, easy to maintain and would be able to embed videos from the likes of YouTube and podcasts from SoundCloud.

What we did

Taking into account all of the points from the brief we were provided with we designed a website from a mobile first perspective meaning that the website would look fantastic on mobile.

We upgraded the member profiles putting giving them a fresh new layout including a map to show the location of the members office, social icons linking to the members social accounts and a specific area for member videos.

Further to this we added a section to show the SMBA podcasts, as these would be added monthly they would help toward overall SEO.

We also added call to action blocks to more sections of the website giving visitors more opportunities to enquire about becoming an SMBA member.

You can see the SMBA website at

See the SMBA website here

Who We Worked With

Whilst we at Business Alchemist designed and built the website to ensure the project was completed to the highest possible standard we worked closely with two other organisations.

Deft Ear

Deft Ear

Deft Ear are taking care of the recording and production of the SMBA podcasts.

We worked with Craig from Deft Ear to ensure the website was set up to embed the SoundCloud script for podcasts.

Learn more about Deft Ear
Why Video Logo

Why Video?

Why Video? had every member of the SMBA create a short 30 second video for the website.

Filmed in their professional recording studio the videos helped to further the websites professional look and create the brand.

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